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I first stepped on a mat in 1996 and since then yoga has been an intrinsic part of my life. The journey began in London with Satyananda and Sivananda Yoga and so also began my love affair with India, returning to Kerala to train to teach Sivananda in 2004. As life moves on so did my practice and I began exploring and searching for something more. Finding Ashtanga in Goa a few years later blew my mind, I loved the heat and intensity of practice, the constant breath and flow. The practice truly resonated with me and I went to Mysore to practice under Sharath and Saraswati. And then I found my teachers of this beautiful Ashtanga; John Scott and Lucy Crawford.

Working with John and Lucy I knew I had found true yoga and I am eternally grateful to them for sharing their knowledge of the practice and the counted method. I travelled to New Zealand twice to undertake their Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training course and I see them now as often as I can for ongoing input.


Ashtanga Yoga Ipswich
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