Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful practice requiring strength, stamina and focus. Each posture is linked by a series of postures called Vinyasa (meaning breath synchronised movement) resulting in a detoxifying sweat. You will get hot! Ashtanga translates as eight limbs. The Asanas (postures) make up the third limb and these are taught first to the practitioner as a means to purify and prepare the body for meditation. The asanas work to cleanse the nadis (energy channels) in the body allowing the body to become purified and healthy. The first limb, Yamas, are our moral codes such as Satya (Truth) and Ahimsa (Non-violence), these are to be applied whilst on and off our yoga mats. 

Niyamas (observance – attitudes and actions) make up the second limb, including elements such as purity and contentment. Asana is the third limb and Pranayama (breath control) the fourth limb. The Fifth limb Pratayhara is practiced through the use of Dristi or specific looking points. Dharana (concentration) the sixth limb can be developed through our asana practice and focus on the breath, which leads on to the seventh limb of Dhyana (meditation). The culmination of these limbs leads us to the 8th limb of Samadhi, achieving a superconscious state of Bliss! Ashtanga Yoga Ipswich teaches the eight limbs throughout the practice.