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If you are new to Ashtanga then you will need to complete a beginners input with me. We will set the context of the physical practice and learn the special breath and energy locks used in Ashtanga.  The emphasis will be on beginning to develop a self practice so you start to become familiar with the sequence. 


This is the traditional method in which Ashtanga is taught, also called Mysore Style.  This means that you are in a group of no more than eight and everyone moves in time with their own breath. The teacher then works with each individual offering verbal and hands on adjustments.  There is the expectation that you will begin to learn the sequence.   This is very different to a class where the teacher is at the front leading the whole group.

You are welcome to join self practice classes if you already have an established practice or if you have completed my beginners session. 


In a counted class everyone moves at the same time in time with the counted vinyasa. These classes are only suitable for those that already are familiar with some of the Ashtanga sequence.

Ashtanga Yoga Ipswich
Ashtanga Yoga Self Practice
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